In the AmphiBiom project, you have several opportunities to participate in research and generate new knowledge about Green toads together with our experts in the project team. All cooperation is voluntary and at your own discretion. Below you will find an overview of the opportunities to conduct research with us.

Breeding call monitoring


The AmphiBiom project uses a combination of two methods to record the occurrence of Green toads throughout Austria: 1. Call monitoring and 2. Citizen science. We invite you to use our smartphone app (AmphiApp in the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store) to record the calls of Green toads.


Pond initiative

Amphibienteich Schönbrunn

The aim of the pond initiative is to create a large number of spawning waters for the Green toad and other pioneer species utilizing small bodies of water. The colonisation is being scientifically monitored as closely as possible with the involvement of specialist expertise.

Pond initiative