The AmphiBiom project uses a combination of two methods to achieve the goal of recording Green toad populations throughout Austria: 1. breeding call monitoring and 2. citizen science. For this purpose, we invite you to record the calls of Green toads using the "AmphiApp".

Of course, other amphibians can also be recorded here, but these are not the focus of this project. Your call reports will be analysed by experts in the project team and you will be informed whether it was a Green toad or which other animal it could have been.

On the scientific side, the calls contain even more potential than 'just' the occurrence. We will use the recordings to analyse the call characteristics (e.g. pitch and pulse rate). In this context, it has already been shown that the songs of birds adapt to environmental noise (e.g. busy roads). As the Green toad is known to spawn in areas with high noise pollution (e.g. directly next to roads and in cities), we will compare the calls in such environments with those from quieter locations (e.g. national parks).

We expect an increase in the fundamental tone and pulse rate of animals in areas with higher noise pollution. The data collected in the course of this monitoring represents the ideal basis for research into such call changes in urban areas.

Join the research now!

Research the distribution of the Green toad in Austria together with scientists. Have you heard a Green toad calling? Then report your finding to us.

What to do:

  1. Download the free AmphiApp (for iOS and Android)
  2. Create your own account
  3. Take an evening walk to a body of water, listen to nature, and use AmphiApp to record your observations

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