• Scientific name: Rana dalmatina

Invisible in the grass, the Agile frog remains hidden from prying eyes.


Agile frogs are slender, long-limbed frogs with a pointed snout. The body length of males rarely exceeds 6.5 centimetres, that of females up to 9 centimetres. The upper side is light brown, reddish-brown or light grey-brown and comparatively lacking in markings and contrast. The triangular temporal spots with the eardrum, typical of brown frogs, are dark brown. The underside is whitish and usually completely unspotted.


The Agile frog prefers light and water-rich mixed deciduous forests. The open land in the surrounding area is also colonised as long as it is connected to the forest by rows of bushes. Forest pools, ponds, small ponds and ditches serve as spawning waters. Fish-free waters with sunlit shallow banks are ideal.

Breeding call

The relatively quiet calls of the male frogs sound like a "wog ... wog ... wog" and can last up to 12 seconds, with 4–6 calls per second being produced. Large groups often gather to form so-called courtship choruses. This usually peaks in the middle of March.

Example breeding call:

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